Your Winter Soldier Costume Guide For Halloween

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winter soldier bucky costume

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a 2014 hit movie and sequel to the film Captain America: The First Avenger that was out in 2011. The main character of this film is Captain America portrayed by Chris Evans. Other main characters include Black Widow and Falcon which, under the leadership of Captain America unite together to disclose a conspiracy regarding a strange assassin recognized as the Winter Soldier. The film was released internationally in March 2014 and became a worldwide success making $714 million worldwide. A sequel to the movie named Captain America: Civil War was also released in May 2016.

The film is an absolute Action and involves many twists and turns. The main villain of the movie is the Winter Soldier also known as Bucky Barnes. While his actions include mysteriousness, equally necessary to bring about his role in the film are the jackets he is wearing. There are plenty of them available to choose from so that the fans out there get a chance to be like him. Let’s have a look at the Winter Soldier Halloween costume.


Bucky Winter Soldier Silver Sleeves Jacket

This jacket can be worn especially in countries where cold persist throughout the year to protect from cold. It can also be used to serve in casual and semi-casual situations. Made of PU leather, the most striking part of this jacket is the sleeve which is silver in color and has a red star designed over it. It also has an erect collar with a zip closure.Viscose lining is used internally to keep one comfortable. On the front, there is button tab flap that covers the zip closure, and two internal pockets crafted with the same material are also part of this jacket. The cuffs are made from black rib knit material, and the combination of the silver sleeve and black rib knit gives an elegant touch to the jacket. The apparel would make you look spectacular as part of the Winter Soldier outfit.


Captain America Civil War Bucky Black Cotton Jacket

Now there is an opportunity to get the latest apparel so one can look like Bucky from the newest version of the movie. The jacket’s externally made of cotton fabric which is long-lasting and soft, while on the inside there is viscose lining. The sleeves have button tab cuffs.There is zip closure on the front side, and four pockets are tailored on the external side while two on the inside. The jackets enhance one’s personality and help the person to look cool. This jacket is best for casual use. One may wear it on different occasions also.


Civil War Winter Soldier Jacket

This jacket is ideal for casual use and can be used for various occasions such as in parties and dates. These jackets are very popular during Halloween time and their demands increases as the time of Comic Con convention arrives. As far as the pockets are concerned, one can keep small things in the sleeve pockets while the bigger pocket serves for keeping the money and other general things.
This jacket is made up of PU leather while the shoulder area is made up of cotton. Viscose lining provides long lasting comfort internally. Two pockets are tailored on one side of the jacket: the upper one is besom pocket while the lower is large. Additionally, there are two pockets made in the sleeve as well. One sleeve is silver having a red star design while the rest of the jacket is black in color. The jacket is essential for the costume of Winter Soldier.

Apart from the jackets, Bucky wore, equally popular are other items also which he used and available readily. So his fans get a chance to become completely like him. Let’s take a look at winter soldier outfit.


Bucky Winter Soldier Jacket

Overall this jacket closely matches to that in the film and certainly adds style to one’s personality. It perfectly fits to wear for casual purposes. The leather material of this jacket serves to protect from heat.
This jacket is made up of synthetic leather and has an erect collar. The material used in this jacket to absorb sweat from inside the jacket is viscose lining. The sleeves have zipper cuffs which can be rolled up so that one can look more stylish. Two front vertical pockets are also made in zipper style while the waist contains two simple flap pockets so that your vital things are always with you in a safe place.

Tactical Goggles

Bucky can be seen wearing one of these types, and you can get hands on one of them also. There are other uses where they can be used such as while swimming. These Winter Soldier goggles are black in color which helps to protect one’s eyes and is suited for tactical and outdoor purposes. It also has a strap that fastens the goggles in its place. One can look cool during Bucky Cosplay with these goggles.


Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask (Black)

The Winter Soldier mask is made out of high-quality carbon steel which during cosplay helps the mask to remain in its place. It is also well-ventilated which helps to breathe easy. If you wear this Bucky Barnes mask for comic con, it will protect your face and make you feel comfortable at all times because of its adjustments.


Winter Soldier Adult Gloves

Now you can get hands on the winter soldier adult gloves. They are made entirely from polyester and are black in color with a silver lining. Also, it consists of silver dots on the left-hand knuckles that make them look screen accurate. These gloves are a must have for people who want to complete their winter soldier collection and essential for cosplay.


Black Tactical Vest

This tactical vest is ideal for cosplay use as well as to display one’s Winter Soldier clothings for Halloween. It includes a zipper for easy wearing, and the material is of high quality that does not let to a feeling of heat in the body. Belts are also provided for added comfort. This vest additionally provides protection in real life. Best winter soldier outfit for men.


Tactical H-Harness

The harness is an important part of cosplay for Bucky: the Winter Soldier. A safety harness used by Bucky is similar to this one. It provides safety on dangerous spots while keeping the person comfortable due to the adjustable straps. You can get this harness to complete your Winter Soldier costume.


Black Cargo Pants

Bucky wore one of the cargo pants that were black in color. These pants are and made up of 100% cotton, and are available in various sizes to fit your needs. It includes a zipper for closure and many pockets both on the front and back side of the pant. These pants are ideal as part of the Winter Soldier Cosplay.


Winter Soldier Silver Plastic Arm Sleeve

This plastic Winter Soldier costume arm sleeve is unique to Bucky Barnes costume and is a must have item for all his fans. It is made up of high-quality material and gives a feeling of muscle and power. Winter Soldier arm cosplay costume is available in very affordable price.

Cotton Belt

After winter soldier cosplay arm, here is the  costume belt made of cotton and completely black. During Captain America Winter Soldier cosplay, one can keep small things for easy access in the ten pouches that are provided. They help to keep the pants in its place also.


Rubber Bayonet Knife with Sheath

During cosplay, you can showcase this knife alone or make it attached to a dummy rifle to look more actionable like Bucky was in the movie. The rubber bayonet knife has a textured handle which has a black finish. It is made out of tough rubber and plastic material and includes a plastic scabbard or sheath also.


Tactical Leg Holster

To add to one experience of cosplay here is the tactical leg holster that closely resembles what Bucky had in the film. For Captain America the Winter Soldier costume, it is great and durable. You can also keep dummy guns that you have as part of your cosplay. The holster hangs around the thigh and has two straps that fasten around one’s thigh to keep it in place.


Knee Pads with Caps in Black

The knee pad with caps was worn by Bucky in the movie. Now one can wear it as part of their cosplay and showcase how Bucky used it as part of protective clothing to safeguard the knees and show a bold look.


Black Jungle Boots

One can see these closely resembling black jungle boots being worn by Bucky the Winter Soldier. They are fastened with laces and are made up of leather from the front while their upper part is made from nylon. These are the best Winter Soldier boots for any event. One can wear it on any occasion to give an elegant look to personality as well as to showcase their Cosplay. Walking and running is also ultra-comfortable with these boots.

The movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a grand hit, and one of the reasons why this movie was popular among people was its entire plot. With the plot being so important, the clothing of the characters made the movie equally attractive, especially the jackets and other clothing that Bucky Barnes wore. People like it and want one resembling them as a way to remember their favorite characters. That is what we looked in this blog to showcase the captain America Winter Soldier costume.