Nowadays everyone is conscious about COVID-19, the deadly viral disease which has spread like a wildfire. It starts from Wuhan, China, but now it has been reached at least 190+ countries and affects more than 7,145,539 people and kills more than 408,025 human beings. Everywhere is fear and the World’s economy is continuously dipping down, cities are lockdown, people are compelled to stay at home and infected persons are keeping in quarantine. At this time, businesses are slow down but trying to continue the workflow by managing work from home policy.

Our business is also affected by this pandemic disease, we deal in leather jackets but now the order rate has been decreased by almost 50%. Health and life is our first priority, so we allowed our employees to work from home, those who are still working in offices are provided with hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, and other necessary medical kits.

Here we discuss with some business owners, managers, employees about how they are struggling to continue their businesses and work, candidates from all over the world.


Owner of Cambiati Wellness Programs

This has been such a jarring time for everyone but especially for small businesses this has been a time of uncertainty. As a small business owner we were concerned whether we could stay in business.We think our business is essential so we have implemented contactless shopping. We have put a tape border outside our doors and put a sign out asking for people to call us. We then place their items outside for them to pick up. We are so lucky because we have an online store and our programs can be done online. We switched all of our appointments to online but it is still so scary because 2/3 of our revenue is in store purchases.

Stefanie Juliano

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

As a therapist I have several front line workers from law enforcement to medical staff. Some are very high risk to come in contact with this virus.
I’m taking precautions by doing therapy through telehealth. I must ethically continue contact with them, a counselor should never abandon their clients especially with the pandemic. My area has been the hardest hit area in the state we are on partial lockdown and it’s recommended to stay home in isolation. You can imagine the triggers that this brings up for many clients—domestic violence and substance abuse households, multiple kids with disabilities, past victims of crimes, etc. She further said, “Recovering can happen—we must support the local small businesses (buy gift cards to restaurants or local establishments.”


Shreeram Thapaliya

Managing Director at Nepal Trek Hub Pvt.Ltd

We know that the health is main things that is why, we have shutdown or office and staying home basically. Nepal has closed almost all it’s border people Coming and going out.

  • All the reservation is cancelled and we had to do free cancellation due to this pandemic situations. Specially in Nepal, travel business are seasonal jobs so we have to work as much as possible on season, this year spring season gets the no customer. We are totally out of operating cost and big losses.
  • Our customer are not postponing their trip but cancelling it means there is no business in future as well. We are heaving the problem regarding bank loan repayment because of no business.  To reduce the loss,The government also should maintain the regular flights with low cost.


Myron Moser

Manufacturing CEO at Alliantgroup

For our business, everyone who can work from home is doing so. Of course for the industry we are in, some employees have to be on site to keep the business alive. We have put numerous safety measures in place to include the following:

  • No outside visitors are allowed on site. Workers sanitize as the enter and exit the facility – washing hands, wearing gloves and masks and protective gear, using topical sanitizer
  • Shifts have been rearranged so that the number of employees on site at any given time has been reduced dramatically
  • Sanitization of employees and the facility and equipment happens between every shift and at regular intervals during each shift. “I”ll take the 20% reduction in productivity if we can keep each other safe.” The employees themselves are sanitizing rather than an outside crew to, again, limit outside visitors, etc.

Tyler Brooks

Employee at JAM Paper & Envelope

Our company has adopted a work from home policy for the last week, and it has been pretty successful as far as maintaining productivity. We each have a phone call with our team leader in the mornings, to discuss what we are aiming to accomplish that day. We also remain in contact throughout the day via email and Slack just to correspond or ask for help if we need it. At the end of each day, we send daily updates to our team leader detailing the tasks we completed for the day. This way, it can be documented and everyone can make sure we’re staying on top of everything.

Anya Levitov

Broker at Versus Real Estate 

Our business – real estate, is really devastated by the pandemic. We can’t show apartment, people are not investing and are not moving, the large transient population in NYC is not being able to even enter the city with travel restrictions. On top of everything, existing tenants are not able to pay full rent because they are losing their incomes: actors and musicians can’t perform, restaurants and bars are closed, all the creating types are suddenly out of jobs since nobody is filming/ shooting anything. I don’t see any hope in sight before everything is reopened. 

Again, life is more important than anything so, adopt safety and health precautions about COVID-19 provided by doctors and health experts. Use hand sanitizers or wash your hands after any work or after returning back home, keep distance, stop touching your face, don’t shake hands, take enough sleep, and eat healthy foods to boost your immune system, call the doctor if you feel unwell.

Work from home is better than quarantine at hospitals, so be careful! and show you’re a responsible citizen. I hope everything will get back on routine soon.