How Our Leather Jackets Are Processed?

The leather jacket is the garment which is worn as a fashion outfit as well as protection against the cold weather. Leather jackets are made from the animal which has been treated and processed in such a way that it can be used as a material for making leather jackets. There are several processes that the leather has to pass through before it becomes ready for use and there are certain stages that we can divide them into. When we look at these processes consequently we find that there are several steps that it has to go through and all the steps have been given a specific name because of their importance in preparing your leather to be used. Very few people know how leather jackets are made. If you are also curious to know how leather jacket is processed than we got you covered.




The first process is obtaining the animal hides. We collect hides from the local farmers and meat industry and turn them into usable leather to make sure this organic and valuable resource could not get wasted. We only pick premium quality lambskin to make sure to produce a high quality jacket.


Tanning and Cleaning


We use latest technologies to tan the hides and clean it to make sure no hair or anything else remain in leather. Our inspection team check each and every single piece before it going to use in the production of the jackets.


Designing and Finishing


When it comes to production our experts keep an eye on each and every details of the jackets such as stitchings, pockets, designs, zippers and other necessary details. Also, furnish the surface of the jacket to make sure everything is up to the mark.


Adding Internal Lining


Internal lining has same importance as exterior of the jacket is necessary. We use skin friendly soft viscose lining in jackets as well as shearling lining in winter jackets to provide a comfort feel all day long. 


Ready To Wear


After passing through the several processes the leather jacket is ready to use. 


Safe and Quick Shipment


We know the customers needs that’s why we always use fast, safe and insured shipping process. We are committed to do everything possible for our customers to have safe shopping experience. For this reason, we are using domestic/international courier delivery, that will ensure product safety through whole shipping process. We have our own tracking system in which customer can track their package any time by given tracking id.

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