Learn About Leather

Leather history

Brief History of Leather

Leather is an organic material that has been in the use of human beings from the ancient ages. In the past, people hunt animals for survival their hides were later used in making rugs, footwear, and clothing for winter.

The main sources of leather are the meat industry and agricultural or farm animals. Hence, these animals are bred for the sole purpose of food so utilizing their hides is an effective sustainable way for making accessories for human use. Due to its strength and durability, it becomes a vital material for the production of fashion outfits and other accessories such as leather jackets, footwear, bags, belts, wallets, and furniture covers, etc.

Types Of Leather

Let’s just get dive deeper into the more details of leather, most people don’t know about the types of leather and which quality is best. Don’t worry we have made it simple for you, just take a look at the below-listed items.

There are multiple layers in cowhide, goat, and sheepskin that can be separated to make different quality jackets.

Leather layers grain

1. Full Grain

It is the topmost layer of the hide that is rigid and has original texture on its surface. It is considered super quality leather that can easily last up to several years. It is used in the production of leather jackets, coats, footwear or boots, gloves, and other accessories. Due to its effective quality, its price is slightly higher than others.

2. Top Grain

Top grain leather is also obtained from the top layer of the hide and it also has many similar characteristics as full-grain leather. However, it is sanded or buffed to remove the impurities and to make it smoother. It is also considered as a high-quality leather and utilize in the production of leather jackets, shoes, handbags, and wallets.

3. Genuine Leather

It is the third layer that is present between suede and top grain leather. It is also sturdy in quality and can last up to several years easily. It is mostly use in the manufacturing of various accessories such as belts, wallets, boots and furniture covers, etc.

4. Suede

Suede leather is acquired from the inner side of the hide of animals. Oftenly, cowhide, goatskin and lambskin is used to make suede jackets. It is softer and lighter than other kinds of leather but durable in terms of quality. However, it can absorb water easily as compared to other types of leather.

What Is Leather Used For?

Real leather accessories use

As it is a natural or organic material that is widely available all over the world, it is being used in multiple industries to produce valuable products.


Due to its robustness and durability it is used to make leather jackets, blazers, coats, pants, blouses and skirts. Mostly all of them known as winter products because leather is an insulated fabric that keeps body warm at lower temperature.


From the ancient ages, leather is being used to produce footwear because it is long-lasting and comfortable material. Now a whole footwear industry relies on leather, formal shoes, to casual boots all are made from real leather. However, faux leather is also used but that is not competent enough in quality.


Leather is the most robust material for upholstery most popular items are chairs, couches, cushion covers, seat covers, etc. It gives an extra edgy appearance to furniture and also a luxurious feel.

Why To Own Leather Jackets and Coats?

Leather jackets real

You might be confused and thinking about why to choose leather outfits over other materials. There are many possible reasons.

1. Durability:

The most popular reason to have a leather jacket is durability. It can last longer than any other material hence you can call it one time investment piece.

2. Versatile:

Leather jackets are versatile outfits that can easily go with any dress either men or women. Moreover it is designed according to the need such as lightweight jackets for fashion and moderate seasons and heavy and bulky jackets and coats for winter.

3. Luxurious:

No doubt leather is highly effective against winter but it also provides luxurious look and feel. From celebrities to businessman, and aged to young all love leather outfits due to its impeccable quality and feel.