Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

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When it comes to ride a bike everyone thinks first about gears for safety such as motorcycle leather jackets, helmets, gloves, and, elbow and knee pads. In all of them, guys pay more attention to the moto jacket because it provides both safety and a handsome appearance at one price. It is also known as perfecto jackets and a preferred choice of bikers because many guys use motorcycle jackets only for fashion purposes. There are two kinds of varieties of moto jackets, one made for bikers that are way thick and contain paddings another that is built for casual or fashion purposes. So, If you are going to buy a moto jacket whether for a safety layer or just for style just take a look at the below-listed details to ensure you are not getting the wrong item.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Motorcycle Jackets

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Motorcycle jackets are the most demanded item by riders and fashion as well as it is widely available in the market. However, it is made from various materials such as leather, textile fabric, mesh fabric, nylon, and polyester. Leather is the most robust among all kinds of materials because it is a natural and durable material that provides astounding results. Furthermore, you can wear a leather jacket in all seasons without any hassle because most of them are made with removable internal lining.


The thickness of the leather material also matters because, in the case of any mishap, only a thick leather jacket can save you from serious road abrasion. Moreover, many jackets come with padding on different parts that play a vital role in safety. However, those jackets which are made only for style or fashion purposes may not have any padding, and their thickness also may vary because they are designed according to the fashion and seasons, i.e spring, fall, winter. So, you should know the purpose of usage before purchasing a jacket.


All leathers are not the same, there are different qualities of leather available that have different characteristics. For instance, Aniline, full-grain, top-grain, genuine, bonded, etc. Aniline or full-grain is the highest quality leather that can last up to several years to decades, and others are lower grade qualities respectively, here you can learn about leather. Apart from leather other materials such as zippers, studs, and internal lining of the jacket also must be of high quality. Check each and every detail of the jacket thoroughly, especially double stitching and pockets.


It does not matter how expensive the jacket is and how good it looks, if it does not fit you then it is useless. Pay attention to every detail, such as shoulder and arm length, chest and waist fitting, and zippers; zipped vs unzip fitting. Everything should be perfect so after wearing it you will not feel uncomfortable anyhow. For instance, the jacket may look good while standing straight but can be tight while riding so, make sure it has some room to stretch.

How To Style a Motorcycle Jacket

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The toughest part, in which most men get confused when it comes to style for the daily commute and outdoor purposes. Obviously, there is no hard and fast rule to wear a men’s motorcycle jacket. However, Usually, fashionista guys wear a light tone t-shirt over blue jeans and a black moto jacket along with a leather belt and boots. It is just simple to achieve a rugged look in minimum time. However, you can wear dark-toned gray ripped jeans and a V-neck t-shirt with a belted moto jacket. In short, you have the freedom to wear anything with a motorcycle jacket such as gloves, and leather boots to add more maturity and taste to your appearance.