Our Leather

Fan Jackets believe in quality and our mission is to keep our customers happy by giving them a long-lasting product without hurting nature. Every product is made in an environment-friendly way that makes it different from traditional jackets. We pick the finest quality leather to ensure the durability and effectiveness of the product. Highly skilled workers handcrafts the outfits to guarantee every inch of the jackets and coats are durable in quality and perfect in design and cut. We assure you will get ultimate quality leather jackets and coats that can stay longer and look attractive than expensive branded jackets.

Type of Leather FanJackets Use

Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather material

As its name describes, lambskin is obtained from the sheep/lambs that are known as the softest and luxurious material for the jackets. People prefer lambskin jackets for their buttery soft and suppleness attributes. It is lightweight as compared to the cowhide that makes it suitable to wear in all situations whether on a commute, tour, and just as casual wear. Moreover, it is warm and best-insulated material that is enough to keep a person warm and comfortable in winter without any hassle.


When it comes to cowhide the thing that comes to mind is ruggedness and strength. Due to being heavily used in the meat industry cowhide is widely available and used for the production of many leather goods. Cowhide is heavier than goat and lambskin also not as much as stretchable as them. It is considered a sturdy material for the winter as it does its job well against cold. Cowhide jackets and coats are best for sturdiness and durability while lambskin jackets are for luxury and style. Leather coats and padded leather jackets for bikers are made from cowhide leather due to its durability and strength. Cowhide jackets and coats are the best options to wear in extreme conditions because cowhide is the best insulated and a good water repellant material.

Cowhide leather material

Leather Quality Fan Jackets Use

Full Grain Aniline Leather

Aniline leather

Full-grain or Aniline leather is obtained from the topmost part of the animal hide that contains the sturdiest material. Due to its effective characteristics and abilities, high-quality leather jackets and coats are built from Aniline leather. Fan Jackets also use aniline leather to make robust jackets. Moreover, it is only dyed with soluble dyes, which gives it a unique and smooth colorful surface. It is later completely made with a protective layer that is not easy to discolorize. Aniline leather is tough and robust to provide greater warmth and a comfy feeling.

Suede Leather

Real suede leather material

Animal hide is a highly efficient natural substance that doesn’t only use from the outside but its inner side is also able to give impeccable material that is being used in the making of different leather goods. Suede is produced from the inside soft material of animal hide. It is soft, granular, and lightweight material but also pricy due to the difficulty of its production. Suede jackets are lightweight and easy to wear year-round without any hesitation, usually available in biker style, bomber style, and trucker style. Moreover, you can also find suede boots, bags, and coats.

Not only we select impeccable quality hides but we also focus on other processes, such as tanning that required to clean the hide and turn them into usable leather. We prefer sustainable methods and avoid harmful chemicals while tanning. This is not the end, later leather undergoes the coloring process which is also eco-friendly and then it is goes for the production of outfits. In short, FanJackets always tries to make premium quality leather jackets by using sustainable technologies.