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Cafe Racer Leather Jackets

Cafe racer jacket is extensively accepted as a casual outfit not only for bikers but also for fashion lovers. Widely available in brown and tan color to produce an eye-catchy appearance.

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Mens Leather Racer Jacket

Bikers wear a special type of jackets that are known as cafe racer jackets. If you are also a motorcycle rider then this vintage collection of mens leather racer jacket is for you. They are specially built from real leather that is obtained from cowhide, lambskin, and goatskin. These cool jackets are super soft to keep you comfortable all day long. It is a lifesaver outfit that can survive any crash by keeping you safe while falling from the bike. So always keep in mind that a real leather cafe racer jacket is not only a jacket but also your die-hard friend.

Apart from safety, these jackets are fashion icons that’s why men and women both wear it in their daily routine especially in winter. Cafe racer leather jacket is widely used around the world and available in various colors such as brown, distressed brown, tan, black, grey and maroon. It is mainly found in plain style with a straight zipper but for fashion found in various colors and patterns. Womens prefer cafe racer jackets because it is timeless apparel and provide sufficient pretty appearance instantly. Mens ride bikes and spent most of the time outside that’s why they love it to wear it both casually and formally.

In this mens leather racer jacket category, you will find various styles of cafe racer jacket such as quilted pattern, padded leather, fur collar, zipper pockets and flap pockets, and distressed look. All are made to give you satisfaction regarding look, taste and season. Fan jackets ensure all jackets are prepared by experts with keen details to happy all of its customers. If you don’t have any cafe racer jacket then order now to get protective gear for your ride.


What is a cafe racer jacket?
It is a type motorcycle jacket that has a round collar such as a button tab, two side pockets and has minimalistic designs. Nowadays it is available in modern fashions for men and women.

How should a men’s cafe racer jacket fit?
A jacket should be a snug fit that provides a comfortable feel. Make sure you can move your arms easily while wearing a jacket.

Are cafe racer leather jackets worth the money?
It is worthy jackets because you can wear them with every dress year-round.

Should a women’s cafe racer leather jacket be tight-fitting?
The jacket looks good when it fits right on your body, so pick the perfect fit in which you can move with ease and feel comfortable.

How do I choose a good mens leather racer jacket?
A good jacket is made from real leather so check the type of leather by which it is made of, its thickness and detailings like pockets and internal lining. They all made a good jacket.

What is the best hide for a cafe racer jacket?
Real leather that is obtained from cowhide or lambskin is preferably the best for cafe racer jackets.

What season do you wear cafe racer leather jackets?
You can wear cafe racer leather jackets in winter, spring, and autumn.

How do you wear a brown cafe racer mens jacket in the winter?
A brown jacket looks good with blue or black jeans with a white turtle neck shirt or sweater. You can wear it as you want so don’t worry just try what you like.