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Doctor Who Clothing

Enjoy time traveling and show your powers to a great extent by wearing these cool Doctor Who Clothing include coats, suits, and hoodies. Made from quality material and ready to give you a quick tour in Tardis.

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Doctor Who Clothing | Jackets – Coats and Suits

A Beautiful face is not necessary for being attractive, but your clothing plays an important role in making you look attractive. Here we bring another category of classy coats, hoodies, and doctor who jackets. We introduce to you an elegant clothing style from one of the famous British science fiction television program “Dr. Who”. It is the oldest series that starts in 1963 and continues till now. People or fans love them too much because it has very interesting fiction of time travel, powers, and actions such as the doctor who sonic screwdriver and tardis. There had been many protagonists that worked as a doctor who but this is the first time when a first lady, Jodie Whittaker, who plays the role of 13th Doctor. She wore the grey coat and has updated accessories including screwdriver and tardis with great suspense.

Our new collection comprises the clothing of 10th doctor David Tenant, 11th doctor Matt Smith, 12th Peter Capaldi, and 13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker. You will find here 13th Dr who Coat, David Tenant Khaki and blue suit, brown trench coat, and Peter Capaldi maroon coat and a black hoodie. These dresses are the best clothing items from the series that will make you look stunning and make your personality more attractive. These Dr. Who jackets, hoodies, shirts, coats, trench coats are simple yet appealing which are a good source to don your favorite character clothes.

We are providing the best quality outfits, and we guarantee you the high-quality material used in the manufacturing of these articles with perfect stitching and designing. They are comfortable and reliable for everyday use whether you are going for a party or informal events, and even for outings and casual gatherings. This ultimate edition of Doctor Who Costumes and Doctor Who dress, jackets and coats will give you a rocking look for sure!!


How can I look like 13th Doctor Who?

The most crucial item is Jodie Whittaker coat, that will give you the same look like her, you can add a rainbow or striped shirt, blue long skirts and suspenders. 

What is the length of Peter Capaldi Maroon’s coat?

Peter Capaldi Maroon Coat is made from velvet material and its length upto thigh.

Which material is used for 13th Doctor Coat?

The 13th Doctor’s Grey coat is made from high-quality cotton fabric that is fully lined by the viscose.  

Will I get the same clothing as displayed?

Yes, Fan Jackets is known as the best company that provides outfit replicas. However, you may observe slightly color change due to screen differences (every LED/LCD has slightly different color settings).

Why I can’t get the full costumes of 13th Doctor Who?

We provide only those costumes that are most demanded by our customers. The coat is the most costly item among them and fulfills the need of every fan also it can be worn with any dress at any time.