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Double Rider Leather Jackets

Every biker has a dream to wear a double rider leather jacket to overcome the riding challenges. It provides the badass appearance to the motorcycle rider with great comfort. Available in black, brown, tan and red color to make it a more versatile type of leather jacket for men and women both.

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Double Rider Leather Jacket

To achieve a badass look you definitely need the double rider jacket. It is also known as the perfecto jacket and first invented by Schott in the 1920s who sold handmade jackets door to door. This type of jacket was the icon of street boys because it has a dashing appearance and cool features. After evolving from several decades it has now become a favorite jacket of riders and fashionista personalities. Double rider leather jacket has unique features that are easily recognizable like asymmetrical front zipper closure, multiple zipper pockets, shoulder epaulets, and quilted features and some contain belt on hems to make it more attractive and fitted jacket.

Double rider jacket improves riding experience because it is prepared from real leather that blocks wind and saves from harsh accidents that’s why most men preferred it. The second reason is its dashing look, the asymmetrical zipper allows easiness to fasten zipper while riding also provides stunning look and zipper pockets can keep a lot of accessories. Some cropped style biker jacket is made for women that are extremely an awesome opportunity for them to enjoy the style and season with fashion.

Fan Jackets offers a wide range of double rider leather jacket for men and women that are solely constructed from real cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, etc. We use only top-notch quality like Aniline and Semi-Aniline to make the jacket durable for every type of use. You can wear a jacket with your casual dress like t-shirts, graphic shirts, a sweater, and jeans. It easily works with any type of dress and the most important thing is you can wear it with your formal dress.

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What is a double rider leather jacket?

It is characterized by an off-center zipper closure, shoulder epaulets, zipper cuffs, belted hems, and cross pockets. It is also known as an asymmetrical leather jacket and motorcycle leather jacket.

How should a double rider jacket fit?

It should be properly fit so you can feel relax and can do any work without restrictions in the movement of your arms.

How long will a double rider leather jacket last?

A genuine leather double rider jacket can last up to 8-10 years but it also depends on how you use it.

Is rain bad for a double rider jacket?

You can use the jacket in rain but you have to wipe out the water because it can damage if it remains wet for a long time.

Should you buy a leather jacket a size smaller?

It’s not right to buy a jacket smaller than usual, it will bother you when you wear something under a jacket and while doing work.

Why do riders wear leather double rider jackets?

Riders wear to save themselves from wind, dust and to get a wonderful look. It is not only an outfit but also a safety gear.

Do you zip up a motorcycle leather jacket?

Yes, because it provides a handsome look without doing any hard effort.

What season do you wear leather jackets?

Usually in winter but also in autumn, and spring sometimes in summer too.