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Complete And Easy Harley Quinn Costume DIY Guide

Harley Quinn is right up there with the most trending superheroes like Batman and Deadpool. Girls love the new sexy HQ costume and that is why we have decided to make a guide for you. It’s the one place where you will get all thing, Harley Quinn. From Harley Quinn shirts to Harley Quinn hoodie, the very best ones are on sale at the biggest discount rates. Whether it’s for Halloween or Cosplay events, one of the most used and favorite costume that most of the girls used to wear is the Suicide Squad costume of Harley, and I am here to share with you the complete DIY Costume Guide. Margot Robbie wears a brand new outfit that has undoubtedly become high in demand. If you’re wondering for movie-inspired costumes for a Halloween party or for cosplay then we recommend you to try this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume.

Whenever it comes to female super-villains, there is only one name that comes to mind, and that’s none other than the hot and sexy Harley Quinn. Quinn is not a new character at all. She dates back to September 1992, when she made her debut in the Batman: The Animated Series. Better known as the lover of Joker, she got the power of attraction through which she can kill her opponents in just one shot. She uses her craziness as a weapon, even surprising superheroes like Superman and Batman with her actions. Harley can compete with any other villain with superhuman abilities as well. Countless times she has been a game changer whenever Joker took on Batman, distracting him and even fighting with her crazy boyfriend. These were some of the specialties that made her an iconic name in DC Comics.

There is one more specialty that her female fans love to adopt, and that is her appearance, particularly New and Harley Quinn old costume. Since its inception, Harley Quinn has changed numerous outfits but we have the Margot Robbie HQ Costume. Although she looked gorgeous in every one of them, the costume had to be modified to attract the viewers and make her appearance better than before. Through Suicide Squad movie, she made her debut on the big screen. Her appearance has been totally changed from the previous one because Harley Quinn old costumes were designed in accordance with the comics and animated series. Now she is ready to spread chaos in the movie with her new Harley Quinn costume.


This attire which is made of satin fabric shows a glossy look and enhances your personality drastically, and celebrity jackets tend to improve your character to unprecedented levels. Just like this Harley Quinn bomber jacket. It is because of the attraction of satin fabric, and the HQ theme. It has the text, “Property of the Joker” written at the back.


Harley Quinn t shirt that has the text “Daddy’s Little Monster” printed. If you are a fan of HQ, then you must have this t-shirt. It has the same design and color theme as you can see in original sexy Harley Quinn costume. You can wear it regularly, or you can make it a part of your Harley Quinn girl costume. This t-shirt is made of pure cotton that will keep you relaxed at all times.


When you have to look exactly like someone, then it is mandatory that you have all the related items that can help you be like him/her. Harley Quinn wig will help you get dressed as you can see in the movie. The wig is made from soft fibers so that it is easy to brush and resist tangles.


Harley Quinn wears a choker so that she can make a profound impression on rivals, and attract the viewers with its fashion. This strap Puddin choker is of white color, with the words “PUDDIN” written with bronze metal and colored golden to make it look just like the original.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Bat

The bat is of a standard size, but what makes it distinct is the design and writing, beautifully crafted to give the bat a spectacular look. Harley Quinn bat is an essential item for a complete cosplay. You can’t complete your sexy Harley Quinn cosplay costume without this bat. So, if this bat is not in your list, get one immediately and be a perfect Harley for your Joker.

Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume

Harley Quinn has shown her breathtaking performances on many platforms which include games also. What we have next is the ‘Harley Quinn Sexy Costume’ from the game Arkham Knight. This Harley Quinn Arkham Knight costume is one of the most favorite outfit used for cosplays. Harley Quinn gaming costume is popular amongst girls and this guide provides you full information about how you can dress like Harley Quinn. Let’s have a look on items that you can include to make a complete Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume.


The costume for Harley Quinn has always been much revealing than any other character’s outfit. You can also complete your Harley Quinn Halloween costumes list by adding this piece to your wardrobe. Harley Quinn original costume includes top, pants, choker, glovelettes, and belt. The suit is made of 75% Polyester, 20% Vinyl, and 5% Latex. This Harley Quinn suit has an overall theme of red and black color to make it a screen accurate version. The top is red in color and reveals most of her belly, and the black stripes design make it look bolder. The belt is of black color and has a double prong style for a street style look. The pants that we can see her in are also in black and red tone. It has a quad diamond design on each thigh and alternative color of stripes along each leg. The character can be seen wearing fingerless gauntlets that are also of red and black color. Apart from this attire, Harley Quinn wears a black choker that enhances her personality as a criminal. There are only a few superheroes that wear choker as part of their costume and Harley Quinn is one of them.


Shoes are as important as any other attire in any outfit. The Harley Quinn shoes from Arkham City game are distinct from any other fictional character. She wears a long black boot on her right feet and red on the other. The long boots are secured by laces from the front to ensure perfect fitting. Grab these Harley Quinn sexy boot to complete your costume to look like your favorite character.


A weapon is needed to commit crimes, and every villain has a weapon of its choice. Harley Quinn uses a baseball bat to counter her rivals. The Bat is colored in black and red and has a firm grip to ensure perfect handling. You can have this bat to complete your Harley Quinn look from Arkham City.

Harley Quinn Couple Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular comic characters that DC comics have ever produced. She’s not only admired for her supervillain skills but also for her appearance. That is the reason why Margot Robbie new Harley Quinn costumes are highly demanded costumes for comic events as well as for Halloween. And here are some Harley Quinn and joker costume ideas which you can use for the Halloween parties.

Joker And Harley Quinn Costumes

Crazy, stupid, loving and abusive that’s what the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is all about. That is the reason why the male, as well as the female fans, love their wild passionate and the extreme relationship of both the characters. And lots of couples used to cosplay themselves like HQ and Joker and this joker and Harley costume is the best choice for Halloween. Here is the complete costume guide of Joker.

Harley Quinn and Deadpool

Just like Harley’s real counterpart, Deadpool is yet another character that made great chemistry with Harley Quinn.  He is also crazy, stupid and somehow more romantic with hot girls like her. Despite the fact that both characters are from the different comic domain, but still, fans love to see their bondage and funny side. So if you both are crazy and funny, then this Harley Quinn and Deadpool costume is a perfect match for you. Read the complete Deadpool costume guide.

Harley Quinn and Deadshot

Having a strong friendship and bondage with Harley Quinn in the movie, Deadshot has made a special place in the fans heart and consider as a couple. Both are badass and dangerous and attractive. And when they team up together, they just blow up everyone come in their way. So if you if you want to highlight some craziness then the Deadshot and Harley Quinn couple costume is a good choice for Halloween. The Deadshot costume guide is here.

Harley Quinn and Superman

If your guy love superheroes and totally opposite from Supervillain and anti-superhero characters, then you can go with Harley Quinn and Superman costume for Halloween. But you better watch as your girlfriend or wife might attack you. Here is the Complete Costume Guide of Superman.

Harley Quinn and Batman

Here there is another option that you can use if your BF is fond of superheroes. You can cosplay him as Batman. Well, Batman seems to be entirely different and possess a darker character, but he also loves Harley Quinn which he kept hidden from others. So this romantic bondage will add more spice in your life when you choose to dress up like Batman and Harley Quinn. Here is the complete read of Batman Costume Guide.

So there you go, now you got the complete Harley Quinn DIY costume along with all other fashionable stuff which makes her look more sexy and badass. Right from the wig till the studded belt, all these items are in this guide. All you need to do is to buy them and prepare yourself as the next Harley Quinn. These are the basic and mandatory items for the Harley Quinn outlook, so make sure you got everything that’s here on the list. We have prepared this guide with not only considering the same looks like the screen version but also recommend high-quality products which are within your budget so that you can enjoy this Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume in the best possible way. If you love Harley or simply a fashioner, these Harley Quinn outfits can provide you with a fresh look. We have included everything to make a perfect Cosplay Harley Quinn costume ideas.