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Leather Trucker Jackets

Leather trucker jackets are the most favorite jacket style among men for more than two decades. All of our trucker jackets made from real leather and will provide you a luxurious feel all day long. Available in various colors wtih modern designs.

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Leather Trucker Jacket Mens

The trucker jacket was invented in the 1920s but it is still in fashion due to its versatility. It is mainly made from denim to use as an easygoing outfit but to overcome the style in winter it is also available in suede, cotton, and leather material. If you are still wondering what exactly a trucker jacket is? then you should know the main characteristics, It always has two flap pockets on the chest and the button closure style. Moreover, it provides a shirt style look or may look like a heavy shirt in case of denim and cotton. It is a minimalistic jacket that anyone can easily own and also looks great with casual jeans. Mens trucker jackets are more common than womens trucker jacket because men ride bikes and love trucker style.
Why people wear the Trucker jacket?
You may have seen a lot of guys wearing a black or brown trucker jacket but ever you think about why they wear it usually? The only reason is it is a simple, clean, and robust style that can easily go with uncountable dresses. There are four most common types that are widely seen in the fashion industry are:-

Denim Trucker Jacket

Obviously when it comes to style denim grab the top position not only because of its appearance but also for its breathable nature. A fashion-forward guy at least has one denim trucker jacket in his closet. The main reason is, it works almost in any season and with all kinds of casual dresses. For instance, you can wear a blue denim jacket over a heather gray v neck shirt and dark gray chinos to achieve an impressive look without any hard effort. Adding black glasses will add 2x more attraction to your overall appearance. Ladies can wear a  leather trucker jacket womens to replace the denim jacket in winter.

Denim Trucker Jacket

Cotton Trucker Jacket

Cotton Trucker Jacket

Stye savvy men always prefer an additional layer over a t-shirt in summer and spring, a cotton jacket is a nice idea. It comes in a button-down style that makes it absolutely perfect for hot days. This brown trucker jacket is the most favorite staple of men’s wardrobe that can work in all seasons. If you are a biker then it will give you protection against the wind and dust while riding and at the same time keep you smart.

Suede Trucker Jacket

Suede is the softest material that provides greater comfort in the transitional season. It is a little bit heavier than cotton and denim but not too much that can cause sweating. The trucker-style suede jacket elevates style and provides a wonderful experience by giving a professional look. If you are looking for street style then look no further just go with a men’s suede tan trucker jacket and enjoy the season and style at a single price.

suede trucker jacket mens

leather trucker jacket men

Leather Trucker Jacket

When it comes to luxury outfits a leather jacket is the only outfit that has all the properties to win the competition. A wise man always chooses a leather trucker jacket for the fall and winter because leather is the most durable material for a jacket. Fan Jackets manufactures ultra high-quality leather trucker jackets that are available in various colors and sizes. If you don’t have any truckers jackets in your wardrobe then this vintage style jacket is a perfect piece to go with.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been in need of a winter jacket for a while now and I figured I’d give this product a chance and just return it if it doesn’t fit as I’d anticipated. As someone who wears 2XL but with short arms I generally find it difficult to find a leather jacket that’s 2XL without an extra 3-4 inches of sleeve. Immediately when I put this trucker jacket men on I knew it fit, The internal lining is cozy and the jacket itself fits perfectly. This has become my daily jacket and I’m very glad to have purchased it.

The mens trucker jacket that I received is perfect in terms of material, stitching and design. It worth every piny I paid. The seller is very cooperative and helpful. I think that I will order another one for my friend.

This is a Christmas present for my boyfriend… I wasn’t supposed to get it till the end of next week and I was worried about that but it arrived today! days before it was supposed to … My new tan trucker jacket looks great! I know he’s going to love it… Thank you so much for the great service I will definitely be ordering again!!!!
Mary H.

My new favorite coat! I ordered this as a replacement after a similar brand sent a disappointing product. Inside lining is really comfortable and it does a great job blocking the wind. From the moment I opened the packaging I could tell the quality was five stars. Breathes well and stays comfortable in the low 50s all the way to just above zero.

The price might be discouraging at first, but this product is seriously WORTH IT! The fabric is just perfect, and the size was not an issue either (L). Just know that the black trucker jacket is a little heavy (but this is the case for all leather jackets, not just this specific one). The overall design, color variety, and VERY fast shipping made this a perfect match for me. Thank you 🙂 10/10

William I.


What do you wear with a leather trucker jacket mens?

A trucker-style jacket is a versatile jacket for men that can be paired with casual blue and black jeans along with a white tee and casual sneakers. However, it looks more impressive in rustic style or vintage look.

Are leather trucker jackets in Style 2022?

It is always in style since the 1920s and still present in men’s fashion. In 2022, the trucker jacket is gaining more attention from fashion lovers because of its minimalistic and charming style. It looks great in brown and tan color.

Should a trucker jacket mens be tight?

It is observed that a jacket that fits smoothly to the body is best for look and comfort both, so make sure your jacket should not be too tight by which you can’t do move your arms easily.

Should I get a light or dark brown trucker jacket?

Color choice always depends on person to person, some like black, and some love colorful jackets. If you have a darker skin tone you may go with a light brown trucker jacket or if you have a lighter skin tone then a dark brown jacket will be a good fit for you.

How long do trucker jacket mens last?

Obviously, it depends on the type of material used and how it is treated. Normally denim and cotton truckers last 1-3 years while suede and leather truckers can last upto 7-10 years. The average lifecycle is about 5-7 years.

How often should you wash the men's trucker jacket?

Denim trucker jackets men’s or cotton jackets can be washed frequently such as once in a month but the suede and leather trucker jackets should be dry cleaned or according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Are trucker jackets warm?

Trucker jackets are made of different materials that are suitable for different seasons, such as denim and cotton work best in summer, while suede in fall and leather trucker in winter. They are warm respective to the season, and you can add an additional layer under it in freezing temperature.

Are trucker jackets attractive?

Definitely, a trucker style is the most favorite jacket among all ages men because of its minimal style and ready-to-go nature. From denim to leather all of them look great with the casual outfit and sometimes with formal too.

Can I wear a trucker jacket with black jeans?

A brown distressed trucker jacket or blue jacket looks impressive with men’s black jeans and there is no harm in pairing it with any other color of the jacket. You can wear it with black jeans without any hassle.