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Mens Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets are the symbol of varsity students that provide a decent appearance with every type of dress. You can find mens letterman jacket in blue, black, red and many other colors which are built from extraordinary material and last longer. Available in various styles and with patches that make it awesome for casual use. Explore the best varsity jackets fcollection here!

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Mens Letterman Jacket Collection

I’ve always wanted a Varsity Jacket but thought they were really expensive until I found this store. Safe to say that it has exceeded every expectation I’ve had. Surprisingly high quality and stylish and just perfect in every way. I’m definitely going to buy different colors to mix & match outfits. I’m a medium build man and the medium fits great. Enjoy everyone!

This is a beautiful jacket with white real leather and the body is a nice dark blue. I bought it as a gift for a mature man who has a bit of a belly. Since these are typically purchased and worn in high school and college by more slender and younger men, I took a guess and sized up to an XXL to make sure he could snap it closed, comfortably. Normally I buy an XL for him. He looks great in it and he absolutely loves his jacket.

Love the jacket. Was worried about how it would fit without being able to try it on but when it arrived it Fits perfectly. I’m happy and this is exactly what I wanted and the fit is even better. Great purchase!

This yellow varsity jacket is awesome. Better than expected even! The fit is perfect. It looks nice and slim on me, but not tight at all. The material is nice and soft and stylish. People really like the look of it too. First night I wore the jacket, I got tons of compliments on it

Perfect. Just got it a few hours ago, and it is just a perfect fit. I felt right going to order my actual size, so highly recommend going your usual size if you want it to fit perfectly. This is essentially perhaps the best and affordable letterman jacket you can get with the quality, oof, yeah, I can’t wait to sport it.


Are varsity jackets look cool?
Of course, it’s seasonal outerwear and loved by fashion-forward guys and women. From high school to work person, everyone owns the varsity and wears casually. It also available in various printed and celebrity styles that makes it more awesome.
How much do letterman jackets cost?
It depends on many aspects such as the material and its thickness, gender, and sizes, and printed or patches. Moreover, celebrity or characters based letterman can be much expensive than ordinary. Usually, it cost around $25 – $150.
Can I travel in a varsity letterman jackets in winter?
A Varsity or letterman is a smart outfit that is good for the spring and autumn season and also a very supportive outfit for travelers. However, in winter you can wear a hoodie under a jacket or coat to keep yourself warm.
Do girls wear letterman jackets?
Of course, fashion-forward girls love to wear blue letterman or varsity jackets because it comes in various styles and colors. Girls prefer to wear a hoodie with embossed patches and graphics that add an edginess to their overall appearance in no time.
Can you get a mens letterman jacket if you don't play sports?
Usually, students get the varsity jacket from their college by participating in their sports or event. However, at Fan Jackets you can get simple varsity jackets to celebrity letterman or varsity such as Harry Potter, MB Jordan, and Detroit Lions, etc.
How do you rock a varsity jacket?
If you really want to rock then wear a mens letterman jacket with blue skinny or ripped jeans, with a casual round neck white tee. Further, you can add black glasses and brown leather boots for a more refined appearance.
Why are varsity jackets so expensive?
Cost always depends on the material used, its quality, thickness, and labor. Such as single material varsity is lower in price than the leather arms varsity, as well as celebrity replicas black letterman jacket prices are much higher than ordinary jackets.
Are varsity jackets warm?
Letterman or varsity jacket, made for the students and athletes when they first invented. They are durable and warm for spring and mild winter, however, they are less warm than leather jackets, so you can wear a hoodie inside the jacket.
Can you shrink a varsity jacket?
Varsity does not shrink too much but a little bit though and for that you have to fill the tub with hot water and put the varsity jacket in it for half an hour. After that put the jacket in the dryer at low-speed and allow the tumble dry to shrink the jacket.
How important is a varsity letter?
Varsity is a school achievement outfit when any student participates and surpassed the performance in academics and sports a varsity jacket is awarded to them. It is a symbol of success and now it becomes a fashion statement piece too.
What decade were letterman jackets popular?
In the 1900s, letterman or varsity jackets were popular among male athletes but after the 1950s it slightly becomes the icon of fashion. And after several decades it is also a most favorite outfit for casual fashion among guys and womens.
How do you know if a jacket is too big?
A proper fit jacket is always sitting on your shoulder accurately, the loose fit jacket slide on your shoulder on one side. Other reasons are cuffs go to the palm and hems below the waist that results in you looking baggy.
What's the difference between letterman jackets and baseball jackets?
There are minor differences between letterman and baseball jackets. A baseball jacket is made from single material while a letterman or varsity jacket is made from blend wool, and the arms made from leather material. Both are in trend and give fabulous style.
How do you wear a varsity bomber jacket?
There is no hard and fast rule to wear a varsity or mens letterman jacket, you can team it with your casual t-shirt, a printed tee is better but not necessary, blue or black jeans and white sneakers to complete the look.
Can you wear a blue letterman jacket in the rain?
In short, a letterman is made from blended fabrics and slightly water-resistant but still can absorb water in the rain. So, you can wear a baseball jacket in rain but you need to wipe the water out soon.