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Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets are the symbol of varsity students that provide a decent appearance with every type of dress. You can find mens letterman jacket in blue, black, red and many other colors which are built from extraordinary material and last longer. Available in various styles and with patches that make it awesome for casual use. Explore the best letterman jacket for you here!

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Letterman Jacket Collection

Some say letterman jackets are the best outfits for High School. Well, not entirely necessary, they are good enough for casual use as well, and when said casual use, you can wear at any other places like restaurants and even at the club. Letterman Jackets are the ones that will not make you look weird when you wear these mens letterman jacket at particular places.
Letterman Jacket designed to look completely different from the ones from high school. These are the collections of leather varsity jackets, which some are of Red and Black letterman, Navy Blue and Black letterman and even some of the celebrities as well. All are crafted in the same manner as what are seen in front of you. They are made from cotton wool fabric and leather sleeves to provide a refreshing feel and cool appearance.


Are varsity jackets cool?

Yes, they are smart outfits usually worn by college boys and girls to look cool.

Can I travel in a varsity jacket in winter?

A Varsity or letterman jacket is a very helpful outfit for winter and also a very supportive outfit for travelers. 

Do girls wear letterman jackets?

Of course, fashion-forward girls love to wear letterman or varsity jackets because it comes in various styles and colors with great patches and graphics that allow them to flaunt with pride.

Can you get a letterman jacket if you don’t play sports?

Yes, you can buy varsity or letterman jackets from here at Fan Jackets at a very reasonable cost.

How do you rock a varsity jacket?

If you really want to rock then wear a letterman jacket with skinny or ripped jeans, with a casual round neck white tee and add black glasses and boots for the more sophisticated appearance.

How to make Letterman Jacket Patches

What you need:

  1. A piece of felt or cloth in the color of your choice!
  2. A contrasting color yarn
  3. Embroidery hoop
  4. Sharp needle
  5. pencil
  6. Sticky glue

First Step

Choose a fabric of your choice. After you have done that, decide a design from what you have to put on the jacket. Once that is done, cut a small piece of fabric according to the frame/hoop. Stretch the fabric over the hoop and tighten it.

Second Step

When it comes to writing a name to make it as the logo on the costume letterman jacket, you can make a stencil drawing of the letters, or you can paste a picture, on the fabric,  that you have taken from the net. After you have done that, draw the picture on the fabric.

Third Step

After you have mapped what you want to make, it’s time to choose a thread color that will be used to stitch over the name or image you have drawn.

Fourth Step

It will look something like this after you have finished. To make it look more clean and professional cut off any extra edges from the back/ underneath the fabric.

Fifth Step

Once you are happy with your stitching, remove the material from the frame and cut it into the shape you desire.It can either be square, circle or rectangle as these are most commonly used shapes for the logo.

Sixth Step

To stick the logo, you can use glue to keep it in place. Later, once it is dried, you can stitch over the borders to make it more firm and durable.

Seventh Step

You can use any stitching technique whether zig zag or simple/ straight to go over the edges as this will determine the durability of the varsity letterman jackets for men.

How to Make Custom Varsity Jackets

Things necessary:

  1. Felt (chose the character for each color.)
  2. Contrasting colors of the fabrics and felt
  3. Sticky
  4. Sharp scissors
  5. Printing paper
  6. Pencil and pen
  7. Fabric pin (optional, but very useful!)

First Step

Please select what you want to type or draw. Make sure that its size would be good enough for your varsity jacket.

Second Step

Once you have done with the letters you have entered, cut them! They serve as a template for you. You can obviously reprint the letters or draw to adjust the size according to your outfit to make them look bigger or smaller.

Third Step

Take the stencil or template you have cut and place it on the felt with the help of a fabric pin. Then cut it using a pair of sharp scissors, this would be the jacket’s background layer.

Fourth Step

Around the edge of each paper letter template, cut and trim 2-3 mm off. It will provide you the final layout on which you can work.

Fifth Step

Align the trimmed letters on top of bigger layers and adjust the size as needed. The background layer should make the letter clearer to see. So do not trim it too much.

Sixth Step

Apply letters at the back with a layer of glue and press evenly press it onto the larger letters. Repeat for each letter and let them dry.

Seventh Step

Attach your letters to letterman jackets for girls/boys. There are many ways to solve this: use sticky glue and let them dry then sew it by hand or using a sewing machine. It is preferable to do it with a sewing machine, so you do not have to worry about the letters falling off. You can use different sewing styles to enhance the look of Varsity Jacket for a girl or varsity letterman jackets for men.