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Puffer Jackets

Warm and versatile, our real lambskin leather puffer jackets are an ideal option for winter fashion. You can go anywhere from commute to outdoor adventure in these puffer jackets. Explore the best puffer vests, jackets, and coats for men and women here and get high-quality insulation without breaking the bank.

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Puffer Jackets Collection:

Fall and winter require more comfortable outfits along with the style. A puffer jacket is a perfect option for these seasons to remain warm and stylish as compared to cotton jackets. Puffer jackets are built with puffs that are filled with extra stuff that make the jacket more soft and insulated as compared to an ordinary jacket. Usually outside of the jacket is made from nylon material that makes it waterproof and internally with fleece or other warmer material. Apart from nylon or Thinsulate puffer jackets, Fan Jackets also provides a huge variety of puffer leather jackets that are 10x more powerful than ordinary puffer jackets.

Everyone has different choices and requires different styles that’s why we designed these leather puffer jackets in half sleeves or sleeveless style, jacket style, coat style, and hooded style to make them suitable for everyone. These leather puffer jackets are best to wear in winter for commute and casual use as well as for traveling and hiking. You can pick any style of puffer leather jacket that suits your personality and requirements.

Best Styles to Wear Puffer Jackets

If you are new to puffer jackets or just wondering about the best jackets then no worries you are at the right place. We have gathered the best ways to wear leather puffer jackets that can take your style to the next level without any hard effort. Just follow the below style and stand out from the crowd.

Black Puffer Jackets:

When fall is just near to end and temperature compels you to wear an extra layer then a puffer leather jacket is the only outfit that fits in this season. Fashionista personalities prefer a black puffer jacket for a daily commute and as a casual outfit. Usually, a hooded jacket or coat is a preferred style because it saves from rain and snowfall. You can pair them easily with your casual outfits such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and jeans to stay stylish and insulated.

Leather Puffer jacket with hood

Brown Puffer Jackets:

Leather Puffer jacket Brown

If you already have too many black jackets in your wardrobe or just don’t like black then you can go with a brown puffer jacket. As it is a most robust outfit for the multiple seasons you can observe that it comes in various styles such as bomber style, with high collar, fur hood, and long coat style. You can make a jaw-dropping appearance within a minute only by wearing a men’s or women’s leather puffer jacket with the scarf, glasses, and your casual dress. 

Puffer Vest:

The puffer vest is the perfect option for both men and women to get a polished appearance anytime. Vests are the best replacement for the leather jacket in spring and summer. Regardless of season and style, it fits easily with any type of dress and also provides comfort and warmth. Fan Jackets offer leather puffer vests that are more reliable than any ordinary vest and can last longer than that. You can pair a vest with a white shirt and black jeans, also, over a formal suit.

Leather Puffer Vest


How do you wear a leather puffer jacket?
In short, there is no hard and fast rule to wear leather puffer coats and jackets. It looks admirable with anything either with t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, cotton pants, suits and with oversized and usual clothes. You can wear a women’s leather puffer jacket with long dresses, leather leggings, skirts, high heels, and sneakers.
How does a puffer jacket work?
Puffer jackets are built with quilted patterns that are filled with extra insulation or synthetic fibers. It provides ultimate warmth and comfort that depends on how well they are made and how thick the jacket is. Leather-made puffer jackets are more warmer than nylon or similar material jackets.
When can I wear a puffer jacket?
Usually, puffer jackets are used to wear as a casual outfit such as for riding, commuting, and traveling. However, you can also wear it for work if your workplace environment allowed it or you have an outdoor role that needs a highly insulated outfit. Moreover, dark tone jackets are appropriate for the working environment and brighter or bold color jackets for casual use.
Can I wear a puffer jacket in the rain?
It solely depends on the material of the jacket but normally it is made with water-resistant capability. However, it should not be exposed to rain for a long time. Moreover, if the company stated is waterproof then there is absolutely no issue to wear in the rain.
Should puffer jackets be tight?
Of course, it should not be too tight that restrict your hands’ movements or do not allow you to wear multiple-layer underneath. However, it should not be too loose that can allow cold air to enter through cuffs and hems in winter.
What color men's puffer jacket should I get?
Every person has their own preferences that’s why it is always an independent decision for everyone. For the suggestion, you can go with black leather puffer jackets if you spent a lot of time traveling or commuting, also a blue and dark green shade works well on men as compared to other colors.
Can I wear a women's puffer leather jacket with a long dress?
There is no harm in wearing a women puffer jacket with a long dress. You can wear a red or yellow puffer jacket over a long black dress along with black leggings or jeans and black sandals.
Do puffer leather jackets keep you warm?
Yes, leather puffer jackets are ultimate insulators that trap body heat completely and provide greater warmth at chilly temperatures. Bomber-style puffer jackets are great for travelers and for the snowy regions.
How do I wear a leather puffer jacket with jeans?
Try your best jeans pants either in slim fit style or ripped style and wear it with the printed T-shirt or sweater depending on the season and put on the puffer jacket over it. Create multiple combinations and check which works best for you.
How do I wear a long puffer jacket?
Wearing a long puffer jacket sometimes becomes tough for many people but you can achieve a sophisticated appearance by simply pairing it with a white or a great sweatshirt, cropped black jeans, and white sneakers.
Can I wear a puffer jacket in spring?
Yes, you can wear puffer jackets in spring too as you wear in winter. A lightweight puffer jacket with a white scoop neck or v neck t-shirt, with regular jeans or a long skirt, can give you a great fashion experience in spring.
How do you wear a sleeveless puffer vest?
You can wear a sleeveless puffer vest over a hoodie or cotton jacket in winter to add more warmth and style. However, in spring and fall, you can wear it over a casual shirt and jeans to produce somehow warmth to regulate your body temperature.
Can I wear a puffer vest in summer?
The vest is the best replacement for a jacket in summer especially for riding and traveling. Moreover, it adds a taste in overall style and standout you from the crowd.