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Suicide Squad Outfits

Suicide Squad is a movie which comprises of comic characters, some of which were never seen on the big screen before. Comic characters are liked by people of all ages because of their decades-long history. The characters shown in the upcoming movie are hardcore criminals who are tasked by the secret government agency to perform a mission on behalf of the government in exchange for their reduced prison sentences. As we can see from the trailers out on the screen, the characters have not only shown an outstanding performance but can also be seen in stunning outfits.

One of the characters making its debut on the big screen is Harley Quinn. Her costume has been revised to make her more attractive and bold for the viewers. Female fans have shown a keen interest in the Harley Quinn outfit. The costume includes a bomber jacket that you can check out from the costume in the above list. If you are a Harley Quinn fan, then you can prepare a complete costume for Comic-Con, or for Halloween. The jacket has a shiny look and has the text “Property of Joker” written on the back to show affiliation with the Joker.

Another character that is very much admired by individuals all over the world is Joker. Just like the unique nature of the Joker, he also possesses a unique costume. The Joker has impressed the viewers not only by his acting but also by his costume. The most prominent attire that we can see on his body is the long coat. The long coat has a unique pattern of crocodile skin which makes it unique and stylish. This coat can be used on multiple occasions which include informal gatherings, Comic-Con, Halloween, costume party, and as well as while riding your motorcycle.

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