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Suits and Tuxedos

Elevate your appearance by wearing high-quality suits and tuxedos that can worn on any occasion without any hassle. Get the best suits for weddings, prom, and office and look smart and handsome.

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Suits and Tuxedos

Formal occasions required special outfits like prom in which you need to dress a tuxedo or suit to look handsome. Many celebrities such as James Bond, John Wick, Kingsman, and other heroes wear awesome suits and tux that become ideal for the fans. If you are finding john wick tuxedo and suits for weddings, parties, and official gatherings and meetings then you have to pick it now, to make a nice collection in your wardrobe to refresh your style. There are numerous colors such as grey, black, ivory, khaki, and navy blue suits that provide sufficient look to the men. Fan Jackets offer the best suits and tuxedos for men at the best price.


What’s the difference between suits and tuxedos?

The main difference is tuxedo contains satin shawl lapels, satin buttons, and side strip down on pants while a suit jacket and pants are made from the same fabric.

Can you wear a tuxedo jacket with suit pants?

Yes, you can wear a tuxedo jacket with your suit pants until there are no restrictions where you are going or attend the party.

Is it OK to wear a tuxedo for a wedding?

It doesn’t matter whether you wear a tuxedo or suit to a wedding because both are considered as a formal-wear and look well too.

Do you wear a tux or suit for prom?

You can wear tuxedos and suits both for prom until there is no special requirement. For informal prom parties, you can even wear jeans with suits jackets or tux jackets and blazers too.

Does James Bond wear a tuxedo or suit?

James Bond mostly dressed suits but sometimes he is sawn wearing tuxedos in which he was looking so cool.

Can I wear a necktie with a tuxedo?

As per rule tuxedo goes with a bowtie that makes it formal and fulfills the dress code. Even though you can wear a necktie with tux if the party or wedding is semi-formal. In short, you can rock the style.

Is suit acceptable for prom?

Yes, a suit can be worn on prom unless it is restricted by organizers.

Do tuxedo shoes have to be patent leather?

It’s not necessary but good to wear patent leather shoes, you can wear oxford shoes but not loafers.

Which is a more formal bow tie or necktie?

Bowtie is considered as more formal for prom and necktie on meetings.

What Shirts Go with bow ties?

White shirts are best with bow ties and tuxedos.