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A soldier represents will, sincerity, strength, fearlessness, and intolerance for evil. But what happens when a soldier gets brainwashed and is turned into a merciless being that will wipe out anyone in the way to complete his mission? The outcome is that they become like Bucky.  Sebastian Stan plays the Winter Soldier in the Marvel movies. If you are fascinated by his presence so far, then check out his costumes in the Winter Soldier Jacket Collections. Superhero fans had accepted Bucky just like how Captain America accepted him even when he tried to kill the Super Soldier. Over the course of the Captain America movies, we have seen him don some intimidating looks. Luckily, we have all the outfits he wore, whether it was a part of his costume or his civilian clothes. From Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie we have the Bucky Winter Soldier Jacket, The Winter Soldier Vest, and The Winter Soldier Silver Sleeve Jacket.

We also have the new Winter Soldier costume, Civil War Winter Soldier Jacket, which he wears in Captain America: Civil War as well as the Captain America Civil War Bucky Jacket, which is his civilian outfit. So choose your favorite Winter Soldier jacket and order it today.