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Long Wool Coat For Men and Women

The wool trench coat is a magnificent item to style up yourself in the winter. It is a timeless and efficient outerwear that can enhance the look and will keep you warm. It comes in many styles and colors for men and women who love fashion. Long wool coats are versatile gears that can match with any kind of dress and create a sophisticated appearance. They can use for daily routine as casual, for commute purpose and for traveling.

We have a great collection of mens wool trench coat built from the utmost quality material. They are available in single-breasted style and double-breasted style, also available in different lengths some are the long wool trench coat and some are 3/4 length coats or mens 3 quarter length wool coat. In this category, you can explore the whole new world of a wool coat, in which you see a grey wool coat, tan wool coat, green wool coat, black wool coat, and brown wool coat. 

Bolster your appearance with warmest wool coats which will keep you insulated at low temperatures. The most incredible item for women to wear long wool coats which heighten the appearance in a striking way. It can be worn with a casual dress such as jeans, shorts, sweater, shirts and everything you like. Its beauty is it can be pair with anything without doing the hard effort. These are gorgeous and designed by our experts to provide extremely high-quality long wool coats.


How warm is a wool coat?

Wool is a natural insulator that can keep a body warm in winter. Its efficiency can further enhance by adding layers inside it.

Are wool coats out of style?

Wool coats are still in a fashion for men and women both because it improves the appearance to the next level.

Are wool coats waterproof?

Wool coats are not 100% waterproof but they are water repellant.

How long will a wool coat last?

A high-quality wool coat can last up to a decade.

Are wool coats heavy?

A thick wool coat is absolutely heavy, warm, and water repellant.

Can a wool coat be washed?

Yes, a wool coat can be washed by hands and in the machine at a low speed for better results.

How do you style a 3 quarter length wool coat?

A wool coat can be styled with your formal and casual dress.

Can I wear a wool coat in the rain?

Yes, wool coats save you from the rain and It doesn’t allow water to go inside.