Sustainable Leather

Sustainable leather hide jacket

Sustainable And Responsible

People are becoming more conscious about what they are purchasing and also how the products are being made. In the fashion industry, leather jacket has unique importance and it is used in very frequent basis. Since in the past few years, there are too many contradictory opinions about sustainable leather and eco-friendly leather that has gained much attention from leather goods users. 

What exactly sustainable leather is?

As we all know that, a huge number of animals are used in the agriculture sector for plowing the ground and also cattle are raised up for the meat industry. When the animals died naturally or are slaughtered for the meat their skin remains useless for these sectors. To make them usable leather industry plays a vital role by tanning and turning these animals’ hides into valuable leather to make outfits and other accessories.

About how we acquire leather?

Our main sources are farmers and the meat industry who take care of each and everything about their animals/cattle and treat them in a sensible manner. After the death of animals or after slaughtering for the meat, we bought these hides that are a huge natural resource for human beings to produce sustainable goods. Hence, it does not impact anything bad on our environment it is proved as a sustainable way to produce leather. 

Leather process manufacturing scaled

How does the process work?

After acquiring the hides we use eco-friendly methods to treat the hides such as using fewer chemicals during the tanning process to make them sturdy leather. Our jacket construction process also mostly base on handcrafting and needs non-fuel machines that make it a more sustainable process. That’s not all we don’t only value the products but also our employees by providing them a friendly environment, flexible working hours, health benefits and good salaries. 

Sustainable vs Eco-Friendly Leather?

Sustainable means anything that can be done without the depletion of natural resources while eco-friendly means that does not harm the nature or environment. However, many people think vegan leather is eco-friendly, that does not true at all. Vegan leather or Pu leather are made from different non-animal resources such as plants, woods, plastics, and other sources that need more chemical treatments and water usage as compared to sustainable leather also their chemically treated water is harmful to the ecosystem.

Fan Jackets use real leather obtained from organic resources i.e animals that are used in the agricultural and meat sector and their hides remain unused, so we treat them to save them before becoming waste. Hence, sustainable leather is far better than so-called eco-friendly vegan leather because sustainable leather is more safer and durable than vegan leather and can last up to decades, while on the other hand vegan leather jackets can last only a few months to 2 years.

Sustainable and Responsible Process

From the collection of hides to the tanning process, and afterward manufacturing of leather jackets and coats we try our best to follow sustainable methods and be responsible. We use sustainable packaging and world-class shipping methods to make everything smooth and reliable. Treating employees and customers are also very necessary to make our environment more calm and happy because without ethics society can not survive.

Fan Jackets Aim

We are continually trying to do our best and we promise that our products are safe to use for everyone and durable that can last longer than competitors. We will continue to produce high-quality environment-friendly jackets to keep our world clean and green.