A leather jacket is not just an ordinary fashion piece to wear, it defines your overall appearance and makes you look badass.

The fashion came into existence in the early 20th century and now, has become a prominent choice for every biker, celebrity and style-savvy individual.

Wearing one is well-worth which is why it needs caring too! If you want your staple piece to last a lifetime, just follow these 5 essential tips for proper leather jacket maintenance.

1. Use hair brush or soft cloth for cleaning unwanted particles, not washing machine or dry-cleaning methods.

Brushes are designed to smoothen the hair so it can also be used for leather products.

2. Keep it supple and soft with petroleum jelly or baby oil.

These solutions will give your leather jacket a new look and also a great substitute for leather polish.

3. Leather Jackets are vulnerable to heat,

so it is obliged never to use an iron to remove wrinkle or any type of heating equipment. Avoid this mistake!

4. If it gets wet during rainfall, let it dry naturally.

Never apply any solution or even place it under direct sunlight.

5. Make sure to always hang the jacket inside your closet with a plastic hanger.

Avoid folding or stuffing with other clothes, it’ll only add wrinkles and damage the look..

In other stores, a simple leather jacket cost $500 or even more. Think about it for a second, you’re making a lifetime purchase here which requires too much caring and in the end, gets aged and becomes unwearable!

At Film Jackets, we say “leather jackets are designed for every story and adventure” which should not be expensive.

Our priority is to make more awesome leather jackets that are wearable, easy to maintain and comes under everyone’s budget. Because no closet is complete without one and keeping these in mind, you’ll find the perfect piece in our store that will stay original for many years to come.

Negan Leather Jacket

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Other than sound quality and affordable price, our fashion outerwears are also inspired by celebrities and movie characters. Which means you can easily pick your own copy of jackets to replicate the likes of Badass Negan or sci-fi noir film hero Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner Jacket! And what about the scruffy-looking nerf herder, Han Solo Jacket? It’s all under one roof!

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