blazer style for men

Blazers are a timeless and ready-to-go outfit that can be worn over formal wear as well on a casual dress. Fashion-forward guys and women have at least one blazer in their wardrobe to polish their appearance in no time. You may have noticed that it is made from different materials such as cotton blazers, wool blazers, and leather blazers, etc. We have culled the most attractive and decent ways to wear a blazer, follow these ideas to take your style to the next level with easy steps.

Navy Blue Blazer with White Shirt:

navy blazer with grey pants

You can rock the style at your workplace by donning a navy blue blazer with grey pants and a white button down shirt. This style can turn many heads surely, pair black or brown leather boots to complete the style.

Black Blazer With Black Slacks:

black blazer with black slacks

A woman can also look professional in a blazer but need the right combination only. Throw a black blazer over your regular black slacks and white blouse along with white sneakers. In this style, you can go to the workplace, outings, and social gatherings without any hassle.

Red Blazer with Blue Slacks:

beige blazer with leather pants women

Red or maroon blazers are unique outfits for men to grab others’ attention. Peak lapel or notch lapel both works fine for parties and casual use. You can wear either blue slacks or black slacks with it to enhance the style. A brown loafer and black glasses will be a plus point but you can go with your own choice.

Beige Blazer with Leather Pants:

beige blazer with leather pants women

Simple combinations can result impressive appearance like this gorgeous style. A simple brown blazer teamed with black leather pants over a white blouse. It is cool, attractive and fabulous way to dress casually for your workplace, and for shopping. However, you can make this style more beautiful by wearing black heel sandals.

How To Wear a Blazer With Jeans?

Jeans and blazers can together can take your style to the next level. A perfect business casual attire that can leave a memorable impression on others and make you ideal for others. No doubt every guys has multiple jeans in their wardrobe so why are you waiting for, grab it and make a new style with the blazer.

White Blazer with Black Jeans:

navy blazer with grey pants

In spring, you need something fancy while going outside such as this lightweight white women’s blazer. A black and white contrast makes this style eye-catchy while adding a beige handbag and high heel closed toe sandal creates an appealing look. A perfect style for smart women to flaunt in the town with confidence.

Black Blazer with Regular Jeans:

black blazer with blue denim jeans

When it comes to style a black blazer is enough to enhance the style of men. A blue denim jeans pants and charcoal grey t shirt gives and edgy touch to the casual style. Instead of regular jeans you can wear the blazer with ripped jeans or skinny fit black jeans. Heather grey boots are not mandatory you can go with brown or black boots too.

Brown Blazer with Blue Ripped Jeans:

brown blazer with ripped jeans

The color of the blazer definitely impacts your personality, brown blazer is a fashion trendy outfit that looks even more good with ripped jeans. and V-neck white shirt. Finish the look by wearing closed-toe sandals and a leather handbag. You can shopping, workplace, and anywhere confidently in this style.

Grey Blazer with Black Jeans:

grey blazer with jeans

When you need a simple but effective outfit then pick the two-button grey blazer to wear over your semi-formal dress. A sky blue shirt and black jeans already look edgy but with a blazer, it rocks the style. However, you can wear black boots instead of sneakers to look more formal. This style is workplace acceptable and fine for meetings and gatherings.

These all are the most favorite style among the men and women either you want to wear over formal slacks, trousers, jumpsuit or jeans. Blazer always polish the outer appearance to the next level. So, grab your perfect blazer today and enjoy the season with a new style.