When to Wear Trench Coat And How To Style

It is actually first invented for the soldiers, who were staying in the trenches, the purpose of coats was to combat the cold. After a long time it is being used for winter but now it is available in modern design and styles. A trench coat is an essential wardrobe outfit that everyone needs at least once a year. It is not supposed to only for men but equally considered as women’s outfits. Usually, it is made from wool, gabardine, cotton, and leather material according to the need and the season. They are versatile and can be worn in numerous ways and occasions.

When to Wear A Trench Coat

Trench Coat While Going To Office:

brown leather trench coat with blue jean

No one knows about weather, when and how it can change suddenly. While going to office you need a trench coat to cover up yourself to keep yourself safe from cold breezes as well as your three piece suit from the drizzling. Moreover, it does only provide safety but also gives an outclass appearance in no time.

Trench Coat For Casual Outings:

trench coat with ripped jeans

When it comes to casual wear a tan color trench coat is the most favorite staple for ladies to go outside with the style. It does not matter what season it is, a lightweight to mid-weight coat keeps you safe and updated with the latest fashion trend.

Trench Coat While Traveling:

Trench coat while traveling

Travelers need some extraordinary outfit to make their journey wonderful and hassle free and for that purpose trench coats are the best outfit. While traveling it covers the upper body well and blocks rain and snowfall. Furthermore, coats have multiple big pockets that allows to keep several necessary things in reach without any hard effort.

How To Style A Leather Trench Coat?

Everyone feel nervous when it comes to style a trench coat with the dress. Many people think they will look awful and many think it is not a good idea to wear a coat but believe me if you pair the right outfit with the coat then you can easily stand out from the crowd. For that purpose we have culled all the best ways to wear a leather trench coat, just follow them and polish your outer appearance.

Brown Leather Trench Coat With Casual Dress:

brown leather trench coat with blue jean

A fashion-forward lady never neglects the importance of a womens trench coat. It is easy to combine with a black crew neck t-shirt and blue jeans along with black high heel shoes. An easy and attractive solution for everyday style whether to go for shopping, outing, and casual parties.

Black Leather Trench Coat Over A Sweater:

Black leather trench coat men with jeans

Black leather trench coats are the most versatile outfits for winter specially for men. A simple, clean and attractive way to polish your style. Pair the double breasted black coat with a black striped sweater, black slim-fit jeans and black boots. Wearing gloves on the hands and a scarf on the neck will complete your winter wear but not mandatory.

Brown Leather Coat with White Sneakers:

brown leather trench coat women

You can too upgrade your style to the next level by wearing a dark brown trench coat over with blue regular fit denim jeans, a white blouse and white sneakers. It is simple but crazy, and can turn many heads wherever you go. However, you can make changes in this style without any hassle.

Trench coat over a Formal Suit:

Style has no boundaries and no limitations if you are young from the heart then you could do anything. Check out this attractive style for men to wear a dark brown trench coat over a formal gray suit. It gives him a nice stylish appearance and matches with the boots. You can also follow him on colder or rainy days to keep yourself stylish and safe at the same time.

Black Trench Coat Over A Hoodie:

black leather coat with trouser

Create an impressive silhouette by throwing up a black leather trench coat over a white hoodie along with black jeans and black narrow heel sandal. It is an elegant style for ladies to look confident whenever go outside. It does not matter whether you are going to workplace or just moving around in the town, it fits for both situations.

Where To Buy Trench Coats?

Obviously, when you have got the ideas about when and how to wear leather trench coats you will definitely need a trustworthy store where you can get the durable and elegant outfit. Fan Jackets has a wide variety of trench coats for both men and women. Our coats are prepared from high quality wool and real leather that can reign your wardrobe for a long time.