Where To Buy Letterman Jackets and How Much it Costs

Letterman jacket

What is a Letterman Jacket?

Varsity, Baseball, or Letterman jackets all of them are meant to be the same, they were invented in the mid of 19th century for the University sports team. In the USA, till now it is a symbol of achievement and awarded to best performing individuals of academic and college sports. They are made from wool, wool and leather, and polyester, etc. Varsity jackets are used for style and fashion as well as to remain warm in mild winter or spring. It is a lightweight yet stylish outfit for casual wear. If you have not yet a letterman in your wardrobe then you will definitely be going to get it after knowing its qualities and low price.

How Much Do Letterman Jackets Cost?

Varsity jackets are of different styles, made of different materials and patterns or patches that decide their prices. If you have no idea that how much varsity costs, then you should know that an average letterman jacket can cost you around $35- $150 or maybe even more. Following are the different styles of varsity jackets and their average prices.

Wool/Fleece Varsity Jacket:

Mens blue varsity jacket wool

A wool or fleece varsity jacket is common for casual use, it is lightweight and easy to wear in all seasons. Due to it is made from single material its price is lower and affordable to everyone. A wool letterman jacket could cost you between $30-$60 usually they are less costly than leather bomber jackets. If you go for the lowest price then quality may be cheaper and useless.

Wool and Leather Sleeves Letterman Jackets:

Wool and leather letterman jacket yellow

For a more modern and eye catchy appearance, you can go with this black and yellow varsity jacket. It is made from wool material and its sleeves are made up of leather. It is a perfect outfit for the late autumn or mild winter to keep yourself warm. This kind of letterman jacket’s price varies from $60-$150, depending on the material used, PU or real leather.

Graphic and Patches Letterman Jackets:

Graphic letterman jackets

The most favorite and lovely style of fashionista people is graphics or patches varsity jackets. It provides an attractive appearance and stands out a person from the crowd. Due to additional graphics, embroidery, or patches their prices are slightly higher, ranging from $50-$70 in wool or single fabric jacket, and $80-$200 or more in wool and leather sleeves varsity jackets.

Where To Buy High School Letterman Jackets

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